Clô Bikinis

Our brand was born from a dream. A project anchored in our mind for several years. It is always our loved ones who push us to go further. The story of Clô ’is exactly that!

We are three friends from Brazil and have united our dreams, our projects and our desire to undertake. It was obvious to work with a product from our country. Swimwear represents so much to us: our beaches, our habits, our climate without season because summer is all year round!

We observed that in France there was a lack of stylish swimsuits with a different cut and having a durability of several years at a reasonable price. So why not work with a product where our country excels in its fabrics and fair production? We want to personally help women, the entrepreneurs of our country, that is why 100% of the leaders of our suppliers are women.

We work with suppliers who are respectful of their employees and their working conditions. The fabrics used at Clô are of quality, soft and of absolute comfort. Our raw materials are noble and all our parts are doubled to have total opacity. A large part of our fabrics are biodegradable and UV50 +.